BDSM is Violence Against Women

BDSM is the normalization of domestic violence.

Liberation Collective

This post contains graphic descriptions.

Radical feminists often argue that BDSM practice is about degrading, humiliating, violating and torturing women.  It is patriarchal violence against women—whether it occurs in your bedroom, on your computer screen, or is simulated during your lunchtime book reading.

We do not blame women who participate in it, but we will analyze it through a feminist lens.

BDSM is the legitimization of domestic violence against women. Case in point: The Feminist and the Cowboy.  Author Alisa Valdes wrote an erotic semi-autobiographical book about a dominant lover who violently f’ked her under the guise of consensual “play”. After her book was released, Vales wrote a blog post detailing the real life abuse that the “cowboy” inflicted on her. Though the abuse was framed as consensual in her book, her real life experience with the cowboy involved being raped, verbally abused, threatened, and abandoned once he…

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Over 400 Global Advocates Issue a Call to Amnesty International in Open Letter (CATW)

Amnesty Don't turn

CATW International, July 23, 2015

Global Advocates to Amnesty International: Vote No on Policy to Legalize Pimps, Brothel Owners and ‘Johns’

Gloria Steinem, Eve Ensler, Meryl Streep Join Survivors of the Sex Trade on Campaign to Stand on Side of Human Rights and Women’s Equality

New York, July 23, 2015 – More than 400 national and international women’s rights groups, including the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW), human rights advocates, medical doctors, actors and directors, fashion designers, faith-based organizations and concerned individuals from over 30 countries signed an open letter to Amnesty International expressing their dismay at its policy proposal calling for the decriminalization of the sex industry. If passed at Amnesty’s International Council Meeting in Dublin from Aug. 7–11, this policy would in effect advocate the legalization of pimping, brothel owning and sex buying — the pillars of a $99 billion global sex industry.

Within 24…

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Amnesty International is Predictably Fucked


Amnesty International’s recent history of fast-tracking the decriminalisation of pimps and ‘johns’ has earned it’s reputation as devious, corrupt and sex trade infiltrated.

Last year, members drew attention to the appallingly bad consultation process that was used to garner support for the draft policy which was co-drafted by the pimp Douglas Fox.

At the 2014 National Annual General Meeting, both survivors of the sex trade  and human rights activists, were treated equally appallingly when protesting their democratic right to present alternative resolutions to the policy .

Two board members of Amnesty International Australia  in particular have drawn our attention and proved themselves allies of both the Scarlet Alliance and the Australian Sex Party (on paper  the ASP is currently deregistered , but most certainly not defunct.)

Nothing has changed in Amnesty International’s behaviour as evidenced by this years NAGM outcome as you can see here:

To get to…

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Prevalence II: On Prison Placement

Fears about transgender rights to go into women’s spaces are not completely unfounded. They pose a serious conflict with women’s rights that the general public needs to take into consideration.


One of the issues on which trans activists and feminist activists most vehemently clash is that of transgender and transsexual prisoners.  According to trans activists, these prisoners must be housed according to self-declared gender identity as soon as possible.  In the past, when feminist activists have expressed alarm and outrage that prisoners born with penises would be allowed into spaces containing some of the most vulnerable women in society (2/3 of whom have not committed a crime of violence), they have been told that their alarm is misplaced.

Besides, only .3% of the population is trans, and even if a person occasionally abused the system, they’d be so far removed from one another, very unlikely to even be at the same prison, making any abuses easy to spot and hard to organize a coverup of.  The most powerful prison gangs, which can often shield particular members from scrutiny or serving…

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