Amnesty International is Predictably Fucked


Amnesty International’s recent history of fast-tracking the decriminalisation of pimps and ‘johns’ has earned it’s reputation as devious, corrupt and sex trade infiltrated.

Last year, members drew attention to the appallingly bad consultation process that was used to garner support for the draft policy which was co-drafted by the pimp Douglas Fox.

At the 2014 National Annual General Meeting, both survivors of the sex trade  and human rights activists, were treated equally appallingly when protesting their democratic right to present alternative resolutions to the policy .

Two board members of Amnesty International Australia  in particular have drawn our attention and proved themselves allies of both the Scarlet Alliance and the Australian Sex Party (on paper  the ASP is currently deregistered , but most certainly not defunct.)

Nothing has changed in Amnesty International’s behaviour as evidenced by this years NAGM outcome as you can see here:

To get to…

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