The Worst Kind of Betrayal: What John Stoltenberg Did To Andrea Dworkin

“Only then did radical feminists find out you spent almost a year working closely with someone who has demonstrated a political commitment to going after several women for years. This was done using anti-feminist websites, doxxing, slurs, malicious manipulations and mind fucking misogynistic obfuscations.”

Women-Only Space…..Fundamental to Feminism and All Women.

“Women-only space has always been and continues to be an important vehicle for the politicisation and radicalisation of women, enabling our voices, skills and talents in a world where, through sexist socialisation coupled with gendered oppression, women still face many difficulties being heard, valued or recognised in mixed space.”

Shack Diaries

There have been many recent attacks on women-only space and there is a real threat to its very existence.

The right to women-only space is however fundamental to feminism and to all women.


Women-only space has been utilised historically as a direct response to and consequence of the cultural, political and economic exclusion of women within wider society and culture.
It was also a space where women could meet and define themselves, to bond together, to feel safe, to gain strength and build confidence and in turn could become more political – from which subsequent action our generation is hugely benefiting in terms of our present gained freedoms.

There are many historical examples of women-only spaces which have had an extremely powerful effect on building autonomy for women as a class and changing the cultural view of women as individuals…..

The struggle against sexism, sexual oppression and sexual violence…

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QotD: “The endless shielding of femininity from criticism is getting really boring”

Anti-Porn Feminists

The endless shielding of femininity from criticism is getting really boring and it’s obvious that the people who keep waxing lyrical about being ~badass feminine feminists are getting desperate to maintain their delusions of idiotic fake bullshit “empowerment.” There’s an ongoing stream of posts stating that wearing makeup, shaving your legs, and liking pink dresses doesn’t mean you aren’t a true feminist. That you can be both feminine and a strong, smart, or successful woman. That being a traditionally feminine woman doesn’t mean you don’t deserve respect.

Now, all of these things are true. If you’re into being feminine, good for you, do what you want. But why do you need reassurance, in feminist spaces of all places, that it’s okay to be feminine? When you turn on the television, there are countless ads telling you that the cosmetics you use make you look young and pretty. When you watch…

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Gender Identity Laws and Improper Purpose

The Politics of Gender

Disclaimer: The purpose of this site is simply to document. This site does not encourage or condone discrimination against trans men and women. It is in no way intended to demonize trans men and trans women any more than reporting on any other types of violence demonize women or men. Presentation of research data is simply that, presentation of research data.

Despite reports from popular news media, men, including cross dressers and trans males (trans women), commonly spy on, harass and assault women and children in bathrooms and sex segregated spaces.

Men spy on women:

Men take advantage of “gender neutral” bathrooms:

Men dress up as women and spy on women:

DA: Cross Dressing Man Secretly Videotaped Women in Macy’s Bathroom — Steve Kuzj Reports

Men dress up as women…

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Saturday Abolitionist Hangout on Prostitution UPDATED


I’m having a Google hangout on Saturday at 1pm Pacific time with a couple people on prostitution. You can check out our past hangout here.

I will focus on Germany and how the govt is regretting their decision to legalize and what they’re trying to do now to control the massive problems. I will also talk about Australia’s proposals to change their laws too.

I’ll put the link here and on Twitter just before the show goes live.

Here’s the LINK  to the show. COme join us!

Also, stay tuned for the form to sign up for the Mancheeze Newsletter.


The show went for about 3 hours. I mainly talked about Germany’s problems since legalizing prostitution in 2002. I used a vast array of sources during the show. There is a list of links that will be available in the description box of the video. I just sent them…

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