Freaks and Weirdos

Purple Sage

I’ve been thinking about Freaks and Weirdos since commenter arainandagale made a comment about Freaks/Weirdos solidarity on this post. I happen to be a Freak and a Weirdo and they also happen to be my favourite people. In fact, they’re really the only people I can stand to be around. I’m going to write a little bit about growing up as an outcast and then ask whether being LBG has an impact as to whether one is labelled as a Weirdo. Depressing childhood stories coming up! And if you are a Freak and a Weirdo, feel free to tell me your story in the comments.

I still don’t know why it was decided that I was a Freak and a Weirdo by the kids at my school. They seemed to just make a collective decision at some point that something was really wrong with me and then they made…

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