Being A Lesbian Absolutely Can Be A Political Choice

“The ‘sex’ part of homosexuality refers to sex, not gender. Sex is something you do with your genitals so they do become important in that context.”

Actual Dykes

Self identified bisexual woman, Stephanie Farnsworth, recently wrote an article on The Queerness telling us all her very important thoughts about who is and isn’t allowed to call themselves a Lesbian. I have ‘dissected’ her ‘dissection’ piece by piece.

While there have been features on this site of cis-hetero people invading queer spaces (specifically bars) it’s less acknowledged how many radical feminists have co opted the term of ‘lesbian’. This has been around since at least the seventies with many claiming that ‘lesbian’ is a political identity.

Two sentences in to this ‘think piece’ and we’ve already hit problems. With the use of the term “co opted” here, Farnsworth is telling us that for the last forty plus years, large numbers of Radical Feminists who are not Lesbians have been going around claiming a Lesbian identity for themselves. Citation needed.

The concept of lesbianism as a political identity stems…

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