She’s off again!

“Once, a man found out that I was underage, freaked out for about 30 seconds, then got told “well, she’s all we have, so like it or lump it” and he went ahead and raped me. Age doesn’t matter. These men don’t care. Because for them it’s like “the younger the better.” ”

You are a human being and deserve every ounce of respect as much as anyone else. You were never the reason these men chose to abuse you, it has nothing to do with your flaws, and everything to do with their own. People will hear you, and they will see. For the time being, I hope you can learn to love yourself, to find and embrace your true self, that is separate from all the harm caused to you, the part of yourself that they can not touch and destroy in you, so you can persevere despite the men and women who are working against you. Solidarity & love to you sister.


Published by

Wolf Woman of the Northern Woods

radical feminism – female liberation from male domination. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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