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I could no longer ignore his face splattered all over the place. I’m talking about John Stoltenberg and his insistence on reversing Andrea’s words.

She was writing long before peak trans struck. She was writing before trans was as big of an issue for women as it is today. You cannot apply the quotes made by a woman when Dworkin wrote Woman Hating to today’s feminism, or today’s “climate”. She wrote:

“while the system of gender polarity is real, it is not true…. [T]he system based on this polar model of existence is absolutely real; but the model itself is not true. We are living imprisoned inside a pernicious delusion, a delusion on which all reality as we know it is predicated.” – See more at:

Men have clearly managed to make the most innocuous lines all about them. “Living inside a precious delusion” does not mean that some…

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