The (Re) Branding of Radical Feminism

“When radical feminists try to police our terms, we are accused of trashing. This is probably because Socialists tend to be men and Radical Feminists are always women and women can’t open their mouths at all without someone telling them they’re not being nice enough.”

ann tagonist

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you may have noticed that I’m a fan of analogies. I’m not always very good at them but as an illustrative tool, I find them useful and fun. I’m going to use one now.

Imagine you have someone who’s been a Libertarian for most of their life. One day, this person happens upon some people talking about Socialism in an online discussion forum. At first, the Libertarian doesn’t like the Socialists. He doesn’t understand them. This is a completely new idea that he’s never been exposed to before and is contrary to pretty much everything he’s ever been taught. ‘These Socialists must be mad!’ he thinks. But something compels the Libertarian to keep looking and, over time, he starts to see that the Socialists are making sense about a lot of things.

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