Transadvocate @transadvocate Cristan Williams, Dana Taylor & Gallus Mag (USA)

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Men’s Rights Activists Cristan Williams, editor-in-chief of the Transadvocate, and Dana Lane Taylor, a contributor to the Transadvocate, allegedly outed the anonymous blogger Gallus Mag of GenderTrender. In 2014, MRAs calling themselves Women out anonymous Women for having a political opinion with which they disagree.

The intent of this behavior is to bully Women into silence and submission. Transgender activists require Women to be silent because otherwise, we might notice that they are, in fact, Men.

This is the TransAdvocate’s Cristan Williams claiming he is stalking me at my home _ GenderTrender

TwitLonger — When you talk too much for Twitter

Cristan Williams _ The TransAdvocate

Dana Taylor _ The TransAdvocate

Tweets with replies by cristanwilliams (@cristanwilliams) _ Twitter

Tweets with replies by Miss Sudo Khaleesi (@miss_sudo) _ Twitter

Wow -..GallusMag of Gendertrender has been..

Gallusmag – Gendertrender


If this is true, there will finally be..

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