Another reminder: what radical feminism is

Purple Sage

Some of us on Facebook were trying to decide what the definition of radical feminism is. I provided my recent blog post where I say that Firestone’s definition is excellent. A friend gave this wonderful response to it:

I don’t think the Firestone explanation goes far enough, and I think that’s because she is sticking too close to Marx’s ideas about means of production and so forth. She gets the main point that men as a class control womyn as a class, and that a primary goal of radical feminism is for womyn to take back control over our bodies, our sexuality and reproductive capacity. Having sovereignty over our bodies, our fertility and all of our labors is the first step in our achieving liberation from male control, but it’s not the only issue or step.

Radical feminism starts with the understanding that we live under the worldwide religion of…

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radical feminism – female liberation from male domination. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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