How Liberals Infiltrated Feminism in the early 1970s

Radical Witch

It is not possible to be either a liberal or a conservative and a radical feminist – or really any kind of feminist. Feminism centers on women and girls and our struggle for freedom from the other half of the population, who have regarded us as livestock, possessions, domestic slaves, and sexual entertainment, since long before anyone can remember.

Liberalism, on the other hand, is anyone’s game. Here in the U.S., they work to undermine property rights for women, rights to self-defense for women, to reinforce gender by means of trannyism, to reinforce the patriarchal institution of marriage by working for “gay marriage” and “marriage equality,” and seek to co-opt women’s energy, which should be used to free ourselves, to assist black males and Muslims in fighting racism and religious bias, and literally any other kind of charity case that comes along. That is liberalism, as it functions, at least…

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radical feminism – female liberation from male domination. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

One thought on “How Liberals Infiltrated Feminism in the early 1970s”

  1. Feminism doesn’t work if it’s allied too closely with any other civil rights movement, because women always wind up taking a back seat. This has been researched even. Gender Is War published a piece about that awhile back.

    If they want to try to enlist women as individuals, sure. Try to enlist anybody as individuals that you want. But stop trying to enlist feminism in anything that’s not just about women. Feminism is about women not being automatically the people men turn to when they are hurt, or need something, or want something. How can we proceed if we allow that to be ignored?

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