An Open Letter to Michigan State re: The Women’s Lounge You’re Destroying

the velvet blue

Dear Michigan State University,

The first thing you should knowabout me is that I’ve looked up to you as an institution since I was a child. If there is such a thing as a legacy MSU student, I was one—the third generation in my family to be offered admission at MSU and accept. I graduated from Michigan State’s professional writing program in 2009 with high honors, and I have proudly represented my alma mater since.

The second thing you should know about me is that I am a woman, a fact that has had a profound impact on my life experiences in general and those I had in college in particular.

I come from a small town in northern Michigan, so it was not until college that I learned to fear walking alone at night. It was not until college that I experienced walking to a party and being followed…

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