Please Donate Now to Women’s Liberation Front to help keep women/girls as a protected class under law.

Please Donate Now to Women’s Liberation Front to help keep women/girls as a protected class under the law; ensuring their right to safety away from predators, violence, sexual abuse, and harassment that comes about from transgender policy loopholes that makes it lawful for born males to access any female facility only on the basis of a self-declared gender identity, at a time when peeping incidents with electronic recording devices are high. Schools are being threatened with federal defunding if they do not comply with vague, unscientific transgender policy rules. Female students are now being told they have no right to complain about feeling uncomfortable. These new bills aren’t about harm reduction, nor are they necessary reforms of TitleIX; it is the destruction of it’s intended purpose; making sexual abuse acceptable under law.


How Liberals Infiltrated Feminism in the early 1970s

Radical Witch

It is not possible to be either a liberal or a conservative and a radical feminist – or really any kind of feminist. Feminism centers on women and girls and our struggle for freedom from the other half of the population, who have regarded us as livestock, possessions, domestic slaves, and sexual entertainment, since long before anyone can remember.

Liberalism, on the other hand, is anyone’s game. Here in the U.S., they work to undermine property rights for women, rights to self-defense for women, to reinforce gender by means of trannyism, to reinforce the patriarchal institution of marriage by working for “gay marriage” and “marriage equality,” and seek to co-opt women’s energy, which should be used to free ourselves, to assist black males and Muslims in fighting racism and religious bias, and literally any other kind of charity case that comes along. That is liberalism, as it functions, at least…

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“Maybe what feminism needs is separatism, not inclusion”

Gender Is War


By Jocelyn MacDonald, Feminist Current

In a time where inclusion has become one of feminism’s key priorities, a founding idea has fallen particularly out of favour: separatism. The mere accusation of not being “intersectional” (something that actually is imperative but is mostly misapplied by the same liberals calling for “inclusiveness”) is enough to shutter events, spaces, and organizations that center women. The idea of separatism, even among many feminists, calls to mind the dreaded hairy-pitted second-waver who spells women with a “y,” or those unfuckable dykes, buzz cuts and all (LOL, amirite?). You’ll see prohibitions against separatism any time any group of women tries to organize anything, ever. “This event is for anyone marginalized by patriarchy,” liberals will say. Thank you, but literally everyone is “marginalized” by patriarchy in some way.

Liberal feminists and leftist dudes alike have lost the plot — feminism is separation from a system that…

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Radical Feminism – Sex Based Oppression – What is it?

Dead Wild Roses

I have to thank tumblr for occasionally putting such important concise definitions at my fingertips.  So, let’s define what sex based oppression and where it comes from.

“As Friedrich Engels made clear, even before feminism’s First Wave, women were historically controlled because we are “a means of production”—without women, there are no heirs, and without heirs, no inherited property and wealth.  Women’s reproductive capacity is why we were colonized as property, just as animals, countries, weapons and land was colonized.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been important at all; any thing we could do (cooking, cleaning, sewing clothes) could have been done as well by men (and in the military, it was).  The reason women were oppressed was to control our REPRODUCTIVE ABILITIES.  This does not mean all women had these abilities, but women were assumed to have them until proven otherwise.  (In many religious traditions, a woman’s “barren” status…

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Are We There Yet?

“Instead of recognizing that no women are free until all women are free, mainstream feminists leave our most disadvantaged to their own devices while shunning the radical and collective action of the grassroots women’s movement as outdated and irrelevant, remnants of a bygone era as opposed to the driving force needed to spur more fortunate women to action.”

Feminist Progression

This year, Vancouver Rape Relief commemorated International Women’s Day by screening Sarah Gavron’s Suffragette, a 2015 historical drama that follows a group of white Suffragettes in early 20th century Britain as they work to win voting rights for women. The film, which has been rightly criticized for its distinctly whitewashed depiction of the British Suffragette movement, is a bleak yet inspiring look at the tactics and personal sacrifice needed to bring about substantive change for women.

After overcoming some initial hesitation, the film’s main character Maud Watts becomes increasingly involved with the Suffragette movement during a moment when the movement’s tactics shifted from more palatable forms of protest to direct action including throwing bricks through windows, igniting bombs in mailboxes, and cutting power lines. As her involvement in suffrage increases, so do the costs Watts incurs, as she loses her job, her son, her home, and is arrested…

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Some thoughts on MichFest


menruin (2)

Owing to the extreme generosity of a dear friend, my wife and I will be able to attend MichFest this year. My wife has attended before, but for me, it will be the first, and – as it turns out – last time to visit the land.

All I know about MichFest is what I’ve heard from others who’ve attended before. Most are rendered unable to articulate the experience adequately. “It’s just . . .” women often say. “It’s hard to describe . . . you have to be there.”

Because there are no words, there is no language, I suppose, for what it feels like as a female human being to exist for six days among other female human beings, to celebrate our existence, to talk to one another without protecting the delicate male ego, to exist outside of the male gaze, to walk in the dark without fear…

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