Welcome to My Blog!

Thank you to everyone visiting my new blog. This is my first attempt at doing this, while I currently have no college education in writing, so please refrain from being too judgmental of my grammar and punctuation, and I apologize for any mistakes in my writing. I hope to gain more skills in writing so I can continue blogging, but for the time being, you probably won’t see too many posts coming from me.

I am much better at expressing my thoughts through writing, and have done well with it in the past, so I figured it’d be a good idea for me to take advantage of this great medium in order to get my voice heard online. Connecting with, and learning from other women’s voices along the way.

So please come back to visit my blog in the future for any improvements. I’d also really appreciate any feedback you have to offer. If you have any objections to anything I say, please respect me and my privacy, and this radical feminist community of bloggers, by responding to me in my comment section for a constructive dialogue. Harassers will not be tolerated.

~ wolfwomanofthenorth