Vancouver Women’s Library Vandalized – The Violent Trans/Queer Lobby in Action

This extreme intimidation is completely anti-woman and anti-feminist. Vandalizing feminist literature, and attempting to scare women out of a feminist space shows a complete lack of respect for women’s struggle and the history of that struggle to gain our humanity and rights. These patriarchal male dominating tactics  of making feminists the enemy should prove beyond a doubt that the new left is attempting to erase woman, our right to organize, and our history of intellectualism and achievements for a cult mindset.

Dead Wild Roses

I’m not sure when the definition of  progressive queer activism changed to mean defiling and destroying women’s spaces, but unsurprisingly, the violent men of Queer activism (terrorism) are at it again.   And quite honestly, they (GAG) can fuck the hell right off – violent patriarchal repression of women with a shiny coat of queer paint is still male violence and misogyny – and has no place in a society that claims to value women and stand for ‘equality’.

This violent shit doesn’t raise eyebrows or cause a stir in the media because the targets are only women after all.  Meghan Murphy and the Guerrilla Feminist Collective are on the case though.    Thank heavens.


“GAG / Gays Against Gentrification have vandalized the building housing the Vancouver Women’s Library. This latest action is prompting the following comparison of this new alt-white group’s activism.

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Transactivists vandalize, destroy books, and harass feminists at the Vancouver Womens Library

Transactivists are aggressive and violent. Males intimidating, threatening, and shouting down women because they want to force them to accommodate feminism for them. This is the silencing and terrorism of women.