Trans Identified Male Sexual Offenses and Violent Crimes

This post is meant to show the importance of sex-specific spaces and protections by presenting a comparison between male violence/offenses and the crimes committed by transgender identifying males. It shows the issues with allowing access to women/girls’ protected spaces on the basis of self-identification under new gender identity policies/laws. It is not meant to be used to portray all those who identify as transwomen, non-binary, gender fluid, etc. as predatory. There are many good transgender identifying people who would never think to commit such crimes, just as with men, but this doesn’t change the statistics and upbringing in male socialization. Despite popular transgender ideology, there are many transwomen who acknowledge biology, so this is not about hate. This blog does not represent the views of all websites linked, they’re merely to give details on specific cases. There is also nothing inherently wrong with gender non-conformity.

Sexual assault/Violence statistics:

The Threat to Women and Girls Presented by Bathroom Bills:

Prevalence II: On Prison Placement:

How Many Transgender Inmates Are There?:

Study suggests that transwomen exhibit a male pattern of criminality:

Experts Warn of “Ever Increasing Tide” of Transwomen Sex Offenders:

Castrate Rape:

When is 90% not Substantially ALL?:

Violence Database:

Unisex Changing Rooms Put Women At Danger of Sexual Assault:

The Data Suggests Unisex Bathrooms are a Bonanza to Male Perverts:

Study on violations under Target transgender policy:

Issues with non-consensual electric recordings and revenge porn: 


Offenses directed specifically toward women and girls are highlighted in red.

Offenses against both males and females highlighted in purple.

The rest either have male or unknown sex of the victims.

Some of the child abuse cases do not indicate the sex of the child. Some articles report male trans offenders as women, which makes it difficult for the general population to be aware of male transgender crimes, by obscuring male and female crimes. Most of the crimes listed were committed by transgender identifying males, post-op transwomen, or those who underwent gender reassignment surgery behind bars. The rest are labeled as cross-dressing men by publications; what gender they personally identify with is unknown. Most reports listed come from the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia; countries who’ve recently adopted gender identity policies/laws.

Voyeurism / Peeping Incidents / Electric Recordings:

  1. Transgender Suspect Facing Voyeurism Charge In First Hill Incident From October:
  2. Transgender woman’s behavior in changeroom unacceptable:     
  3. Shauna Smith – Transgender Calls Filming Girl in Target Dressing Room a Mistake:
  4. Man in bra and wig found in women’s bathroom, took a shower in girls’ locker room for sexual gratification:
  5. Mario Morales-Herrera recorded a 10-year-old girl and a 40-year-old woman using the facilities at the library:                                                                     
  6. Man dressed up as a woman gaining access to female-only dorms, attempted to take pictures of women with cellphone hidden in purse:
  7. Man wearing pink wig & sunglasses charged with multiple counts of voyeurism, pointing iPhone under women’s college restroom’s stall doors:
  8. California Man Dressed as Woman Busted for Videoing in Ladies Bathroom:
  9. Man dressed as a woman peeps on women in bathroom at Wal-Mart:
  10. DA: Cross-Dressing Man Secretly Taped Women at Macy’s:
  11. Greensburg man Patrolman John Swank who photographed cheerleaders, testified he’s “sexually attracted to women, & considers [himself] a woman.”:
  12. Purdue police investigate report of man taking photographs in women’s restroom:
  13. Man twice disguised himself as a woman to get inside UC Berkeley locker room, used cell phone to photograph women:
  14. David Lantagne – Took photos of girls in their bathing suits at park with his phone:
  15. University of Toronto Dumps Transgender Bathrooms After Peeping Incidents:,days%20apart%20from%20each%20other.
  16. Leduc man in drag charged for change room voyeurism:
  17. Shopper Claims Cross-Dressing Man Took Photos Under Restroom Stall At Polaris Fashion Place:
  18. Student Claims Civil Rights Violation After Transgender Student Uses Women’s Locker Room:
  19. Gary Dean Marie – recorded himself breaking into homes and masturbating in teen girls underwear:
  20. Man Dressed as Woman Nabbed for Peering Under Bathroom Stall in Dufferin Mall:

Exposure of penis to women and children / Exhibitionism / Public Masturbation:

  1. Curtis J. Hutchings –  Transwoman, public indecency after allegedly performing lewd conduct outside a Belleville homecoming:
  2. Calvin Wank was arrested for lewd conduct in public:
  3. Man undresses in women’s locker room twice, one time when girls swim team is changing, staff says gender law allows it:
  4. Curtis Gene Copeland – High-risk child sex offender who claims to be transgender, exposed himself to a girl:
  5. Colleen Francis – Transwoman exposes male genitals in women’s sauna and has his penis declared legally female by Washington State:
  6. Cros­s-Dressing Man Accused Of Exposing Self To Girl:
  7. Gender Identity Laws allow “Transwoman” to exhibit his erect penis in Toronto YMCA women’s locker room:
  8. Man strips in front of girls in locker room, says transgender law allows it:
  9. Scotty Vest – Sexual indecency outside a women’s bathroom, exposed self and masturbated in front of children:
  10. Richard Michael Martinez – Rapist, crossdressing, indecent exposure:
  11. Unknown man in dress approaches young girls and lifts his skirt:
  12. Man caught masturbating into women’s clothing at Kohl’s:
  13. Geoffrey Rainey Kelly – exposed himself in front of a 16 year old shop assistant in changing room:
  14. Norwood Smith Burnes – undressed in front of children in women’s bathroom, told women to leave:

Rape / Threats of rape / Sexual Assault:

  1. Thomas Lamb – Kidnapping, rape, and murder:
  2. Nouchie Vellon – first degree rape:
  3. Austin Christopher Wikels – Handcuffed woman to bed & forced her to perform a sexual act another woman, & sadomasochistic assault:
  4. Twitter Engineer Dana McCallum Pled Guilty to Two Misdemeanors – raped wife:
  5. Drunk ladyboy attempts to rape 72-year-old woman:
  6. Man Claims Rape Was Result of Gender Identity Crisis – raped unconscious woman:
  7. Transgender woman accused of giving fake breast exams:
  8. Gareth Mcpherson – transsexual, raped woman in vicious attack:
  9. Transgender male threatened to arrange for a “football team” to gang-rape a man if he didn’t submit to a homosexual encounter:
  10. Transvestite taxi driver faces a prison term after he was convicted of raping a drunken woman in the back of his car:
  11. Keith “Rebecca” Elmore – attempted rape of woman, admitted to having cannibalistic fantasies of killing and eating women:
  12. Vance Egglestone – demands sex change, brutal rape of a woman and sexual assault of another woman:
  13. Richard “Sherri” Masbruch – transsexual, serial torture-rapist who tied women up, tortured, and raped them. Raped female inmates after prison transfer:
  14. David John Harris – transvestite, sexually assaulted women while wearing women’s clothing:
  15. Clare Lawton – rape of woman, inflicting grievous bodily harm, burglary and unlawful wounding.
  16. Peter Steel – rape of woman, inflicting grievous bodily harm, burglary, unlawful wounding, damaging property:
  17. Renell Thorpe – Broke into a woman’s home, raped her, and tried to flee while wearing her clothes:
  18. Cross-dresser branded ‘high risk’ to women, sexually assaulted while wearing skirt, attempted rape of woman in bathroom:
  19. Gregory Philip Schwartz – attempted sexually assault of woman while wearing Barbie doll dress inside a Big Lots bathroom:
  20. Transwoman activist Cherno Biko confessed to raping a female transman:
  21. Transgender Woman Arrested Accused of Sexually Assaulting Teen in Walmart Bathroom:
  22. Katie Dolatowski – Identifies as a woman, sexually assaulted 10 year old girl in supermarket bathroom and recorded 12 year old girl on toilet in bathroom:
  23. 5-Year Old Girl Sexually Assaulted By a Transgender Boy in Bathroom. School Blames Her Mother:
  24. Gavin Scott – requested female shop assistant to help him into dresses then sexually assaulted her by pinching her butt:

    Registered Sex offenders / Child Predators:

    1. “Terf Tracker” Allison Woolbert : outed as violent sex offender:
    2. Convicted Sex Offender Leads Transgender Rights Effort in North Carolina:
    3. Child Sex Predator Paul Ray Witherspoon, ticketed for using female restroom uses “Gender Identity” defense:
    4. Jonathan “Johanna” Adrian Wolf – convicted sex offender, raped deaf girl, became transactivist fighting for locker room access:
    5. Xena M Grandichelli/Jeffrey Willsea a registered sex offender convicted of rape, becomes trans rights activist:
    6. Trans activist outs himself as a pedophile rapist:
    7. Lynchburg transadvocate Julianna Fialkowski arrested after assisting at-risk youth:
    8. Luis Morales “Synthia China Blast” – brutal rape and murder of 13-year-old Ebony Williams:
    9. Sexual predator jailed after claiming to be ‘transgender’ to assault women in shelter:
    10. Sex offender uses crowdfunding to raise money for gender reassignment surgery – molested 13 year old girl:
    11. Plymouth transgender sex offender jailed after coming into contact with child:
    12. Duane LeRoy Fox/Jennifer Ann Jasmaine – Committed offenses against 14 year old:
    13. Transsexual who downloaded sickening images of child pornography escaped jail because a judge said prison would be too tough a place for her:
    14. Louis Massei – Gang rape of a 16-year-old girl:   
    15. Registered sex offender arrested on suspicion of entering a school campus and using a false female name:
    16. William Karl Olsen – Sexually violent predator:
    17. James Joseph Allard – Sex penetration with foreign object of victim under 14 years of age:
    18. David Thompson changed name to Karen White – has history of sexually offending children, raping women, and preyed on women in prison:
    19. Sentence delay in Transgender child porn case:
    20. Steven “Ashley” Arnold – convicted child pornography producer and distributor, granted name change:
    21. Lewis “Lennea Elizabeth”  Stevens –  charged with possession of child pornography:
    22. Convicted sex offender sues over sex change operation:
    23. Man, set to become a woman, poses problem for Quebec prison authorities:
    24. Convicted Rapist Sues NJ Prisons Over Sex Change:
    25. Man in women’s clothing arrested for child porn:
    26. Cross dressing pervert was jailed after breaching the terms of his sexual offences prevention order:
    27. Thomas Lee Benson – sex offender of girls who has long history of dressing as woman and using women’s chaning rooms:
    28. San Jose sex offender wearing fake breasts, wig arrested for loitering in womens’ restroom:
    29. Transgender Woman Arrested on Bestiality Charges: Placed Craiglists Ad To Arrange Sex With a Horse:
    30. Transgender woman’s case could change how Florida treats dangerous sexual predators:
    31. Did a Convicted Sex Offender Read to Children at a Houston Public Library?:
    32. Northants Transgender Sex Offender Used Fake Identity to Speak to Woman on Facebook:
    33. Brandon James (Chloe) Walker – transgender sex offender sent back to prison just one week after release:
    34. Pedophile sex offender starts secret life as a woman after transitioning while serving time in Scottish jail:
    35. Sex offender moved to female prison sexually assaults woman, moved to same prison victim was moved to:
    36. Jonathan Jessica Yaniv – non-convicted sex offender, proof of predatory behavior toward girls online and of immigrant salon owners:

Child Abuse / Molestation/ Rape:

    1. Gina Owen – Transsexual Walks Free From Court After Admitting Child Sex Offences As Man:
    2. Kami Sid – transwoman activist in Pakistan, sexually abused and tortured minor “trans girl”:
    3. David Megarry Jr. aka Sandra Jo Batista – convicted child rapist:
    4. Ronny Edward Darnell – repeatedly raped a 13-year-old girl, wants corrections to pay for hormones:
    5. Hank Pollock – repeat sex offender, convicted of five counts of sex crimes against children:
    6. David Scott “Heather” Teeter – transgender, raped 10 year old girl many times:
    7. Woman allegedly forced 13-year-old boy to perform sex acts on her when she was a man in Frome:
    8. James “Jimmy” Lilly – incest, sexually abused 9 year old girl until she was 16:
    9. David “Davina” Ayrton – transgender, raped 15 year old girl:
    10. Dee Dee Webber AKA Albert Webber – convicted child rapist:
    11. Roy A. Mitchell Jr. – Raped child:
    12. Transgender Woman Accused Of Performing Sex Acts On Teenage Boys In Torrance:
    13. ‘Andrea Chichi’ – Ring-leader of transsexual prostitution gang, forced 90 foreign boys into prostitution:
    14. John Mark Karr, claimed to kill JonBenet Ramsey, resurfaces, this time, as a woman – accused of recruiting little girls in a sex cult:
    15. Man in prison for sexually assaulting his cousins not entitled to a shorter sentence because diagnosed with gender identity disorder:
    16. Daniel Turner – Kidnapping and molesting a child, claims “gender identity”:
    17. Lee Gustafson –  Repeated sexual assault of a child and one count of second-degree sexual assault of another child:
    18. Rockelle DedBeaunay AKA Raymond Crawford-Tand – Raped children:
    19. Wesley Ross Mullins/Dezeray Marie Roblero-Barrios – Molests child in a bathroom, admits to molesting 4 more children previously:
    20. Rodney S. White Jr. – Three months in jail for a child sex offense:
    21. Transsexual soldier jailed for stabbing innocent schoolboy in caravan holiday park:
    22. Transgender woman in jail after allegedly molesting a minor:
    23. Michael Curtis – Transgender, convicted of raping a 7-year-old family member:
    24. Sandra Jo Batista – Plead guilty to raping a 10 year old girl:
    25.  Transgendered father gets prison time for beating kids because they won’t call him ‘mom’:
    26. Jamaican transgender woman could face more charges in murder of 4 year old:
    27. Duchesne County woman pleads guilty to child sex abuse committed while she was a man:
    28. Stamford transgender person charged with sexually assaulting minor:
    29. Man, Dressed as Woman, Charged With Sexually Assaulting of Boy:
    30. Christopher “Kitty” Grey – Molesting a 8 year old girl for 5 years:
    31. Man accused of attacking girl in Oklahoma City convenience store restroom:
    32. Marcus Alexander – Sexually assaulted 6 year old girl:
    33. Ann Edmead – Transsexual has been accused of sexually abusing a schoolboy:
    34. Christopher Lynch aka Pasha Nicole –  Forcing a 16 year old boy into prostitution:
    35. Jane Maria Nicholson – transgender woman, sexually assaulted a 13 year old boy:
    36. Lynda Myers aka Timothy Myers – Sexually assaulted two boys:
    37. Bruce Rivers – Man who identifies as a Woman serving a prison term for sexually abusing male children:
    38. 14-year-old girl was inappropriately touched at the library by man dressed as woman:
    39. Albert Allen Brown AKA Aleia Brown – Sadomasochistic rape of 15 year old girl:
    40. Andrea James: Keep your “transgender” or any other kids away from this dude, makes sexually explicit comments toward academic’s children:
    41. Adam (Tara) Desousa – convicted child molester raped 3-month-old baby undergoes gender reassignment surgery:
    42. Sean O’Toole aka Jacquelyn Laronde – arranged to sexually abuse child:
    43. Dakota Nieves – Transgender activist, raped 4 year old girl on camera and distributed images online:

Male Violence or Threats of Violence:

  1. Khaled Farhan – killed and dismembered girlfriend transitioned gender:
  2. Transwoman whacks elderly subway preacher in head with high heel:
  3. Dena Stanley – transgender activist, assaults and pepper sprays minors then throws brick through window of home:
  4. Robert Durst – Murdered wife, traded in real estate for high heels and lipstick, used transgender identity to stay hidden:
  5. Man dressed as woman robs Target with semi-automatic handgun:
  6. Arrest warrant issued for Transwoman in Montreal “sex change” clinic Arson:
  7. Edmonds “Katheryn” Tennent Brown –Stalking, breaking/entering, and stealing panties. Gets out and rapes and murders woman he was terrorizing:
  8. Greg Ward AKA Karisma Garcia is a Transgender Women currently incarcerated for robbing a person with cerebral palsy at knifepoint:
  9. Trans women charged with assault in Casa Ruby incident:
  10. Reena Andrews – transwoman kills transman then kills self:
  11. Subway slasher caught blowing kisses on camera while vowing to ‘cut’ victims:
  12. Police: Stamford Resident Hit Woman In Face With Bottle After Gender Insult:
  13. Armed trans woman arrested after 10-hour D.C. standoff:
  14. Daryl Rasmussen – bludgeoned gay couple to death:
  15. Philip Walker Rosati, who identifies as a transgender woman, murdered wife:
  16. Kentucky Fairness Campaign’s Anthony G. Casebeer threatens lesbian feminists:
  17. John “Johnny” Jacobson Jr/Skylar Deleon – Armed burglary and murder:
  18. Mrs. Doubtfire’s arsonist arrested:
  19. Richard Chaperon/Synthia Kavanagh – Murder & threats of violence:
  20. Transgender woman savage beating/murder of partner:
  21. Lamar McQueen – First degree murder:
  22. Thomas Cross/Teresa Cross – Aggravated assault:
  23. Craig Hudson – Tortured/killed wife, fights to wear wig in prison:
  24. Joseph Patrick Bueche – Hit store clerk over the head with bottle for misgendering:
  25. Charles Norwood – Battery:
  26. Jarvis June “Lady Jae” Clark – Murder:
  27. Maikobi Burks – Murdered mother, father, and sister:
  28. Emmagene Kaytlyn Cronin/Shawn Cronin writer for The TransAdvocate, battery, harasses women online: (NEED INFO)
  29. Walter Miller – Murdered therapist for not approving sex change surgery:
  30. John Paul Wells/Epona Wells – Assault, harasses women online (NEED INFO):
  31. Chay’Im Ben­Sholom, claims to be transgender, murdered a woman:
  32. Richard Speck – First Man to Transition in Prison was a serial rapist and murderer of women:
  33. Veronica Bolina/Charleston Alves Francisco brutally beat elderly woman after invading her home:
  34. Derek Sinden, who identifies as a woman, assaulted/killed elderly woman after invading her home:                                
  35. Mark van N. – Dentist who killed his wife and mutilated the teeth of some 100 patients:
  36. Matthew “Maddie” Smith, murder:
  37. Dr. Richard Sharpe – Killed wife during divorce:
  38. Transgender woman arrested in Idaho bomb plot:
  39. Michael Adams – Shot and killed girlfriend:
  40. Raven Navajo – Transsexual who murdered a woman:
  41. Douglas/Donna Perry – Blames shooting dead 3 prostituted women on former male identity:
  42. Glen Robert Askeborn – Would be transsexual murders woman:
  43. Jeanne Marie Druley – Transsexual who shot and killed a woman he “loved”:
  44. Geoffrey Websdale – Shot 4 people, killing 2:
  45. Matthew “Maxine” Richardson – Murdered prostituted woman:
  46. Douglas Wakefield/Tai Pilley – Murdered uncle, killed male inmate, took guard hostage, & had sexual relations with women in prison after transfer:
  47. John Pilley “Jane Anne” – Armed robbery, attempted murder and kidnapping of female taxi-driver:
  48. Paul Charles Denyer – Transsexual serial killer, who “hated women in general”:
  49. Mark Brooks – Robbery at gunpoint and murder, requests sex change:
  50. Paris Green – Tortured man to death with two men:
  51. Robert/Michelle Kosilek – Murdered wife, nearly decapitating her head with piano wire:
  52. Yolanda Gonzalez – Stabbed husband to death:
  53. Paul Luckman – Kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered boys:
  54. Maddison Hall – Shot and killed a hitchhiker, sexually predated on women and raped his cellmate in women’s prison after transfer:
  55. Lyralisa Stevens – Shot and killed a woman:
  56. Robert/Rebecca Hilton – Murder:
  57. Michelle-Lael Norsworthy – Murder:
  58. Rodney/Shiloh Quine – Kidnapping, robbery and murder:
  59. Wolfgang “Beate” Schmidt – Serial killer who murdered five women and one of their babies, raped bodies, and attempted attack on a 12 year old girl:
  60. Yesenia Patino – Transsexual who brutally murdered boyfriend’s wife:
  61. Two dozen eunuchs thrash 3 women as cops look on:
  62. Hadden Clark – Serial killer, drank women/girl’s blood to “become a woman”:
  63. Patrick Hagan – Assaulted woman for questioning his presence in women’s restroom:
  64. Transsexual prisoner – Manslaughter of a boyfriend and the attempted rape of a female shop assistant:
  65. Violent transactivists vandalize Vancouver Woman’s Library, destroy books, threaten, harass, and intimidate  women:
  66. Women-Only Rape Shelter Vandalized with Death Threats and Defunded by Transgender Activists:
  67. Transgender woman and male lover torture woman to death in sadistic fetish:
  68.  LGBT Media Ignores Case of Transgender Who Killed Lesbian Couple and Son:
  69. Transsexual kills neighbor over noise and being uncomfortable with being transsexual:
  70. Chris Mason – transgender woman gets 4 years in husband’s death:
  71. Stephen Hayes – taxpayers paying for sex change of man sentenced for raping and murdering woman and her two young daughters:
  72. Transgender Woman Charged With Assaulting Woman in Raleigh Bar:
  73. Frank / Kellie Maloney – strangled wife and only stopped when kids walked in, blamed violence on struggling with being transgender:
  74. Evie Amati – transwoman once named Karl, carried out 7 Eleven axe attack:

Transgender and Gender Inclusive policies:

  1. Judge Rules Students Do Not Have Right to Not Be Seen Naked by Opposite Sex:
  2. Voyeurism in gender-inclusive bathrooms of Connecticut College:
  3. Voyeur Filmed girl, 14, in Swimming Pool Changing Room:
  4. Sandy High Freshman Sexually Assaulted in School Bathroom by Another Student, $450,000 Lawsuit Says:
  5. Minnesota Students and Parents File Lawsuit Against Obama’s Bathroom Mandate:
  6. Why Court Ordered Sex Changes for Prisoners are Bad for Women:
  7. Male Criminals who Become Women Behind Bars:
  8. Mass. Senate OKs Transgender Public Accommodations Bill:
  9. Tobi-Hill-Meyer Sees Trees, Misses Forest:
  10. Even in Liberal Communities, Transgender Bathroom Laws Worry Parents:
  11. Olympia WA School Officials: State Gender Identity provision overrides Title IX Equality for Girls Swim Teams:
  12. Planet Fitness Revokes Membership of Woman who Reported a Man in the Women’s Locker Room, Citing “No Judgement Zone” Policy:
  13. Sorry, Girls Just Have to Deal With Being Assaulted for the Sake of Trans People:
  14. Michigan Schools Let Students Choose Gender, Name and Bathroom:
  15. Kids Pay the Price of Transgender Politics:
  16. 6 Men Who Disguised Themselves as Women to Access Bathrooms:
  17. “Gender Identity” Legislation and the Erosion of Sex-Based Legal Protections for Females:

Critical Analysis of Transgender Ideology:

  1. “Gender is not a Binary, it’s a Spectrum”: Some Problems:
  2. The Trans Cunundrum – What is the Real Meaning of ‘Gender’?:
  3. The Male Supremacy of the Left:
  4. A Brave New World of Transgender Policy:
  5. Indulging Transgender Fantasies Makes Them Worse:
  6. US Conversion Therapy Laws: Conflating Homophobia with Helping Gender Defiant Kids Feel Whole:
  7. The Cracks in the Edifice of Transgender Totalitarianism:
  8. If “Transwomen are Women”, Then What Does Being a Woman Mean?:
  9. The Hard Questions About Young People and Gender Transitions: 


Long-Term Follow-Up of Transsexual Persons Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery: Cohort Study in Sweden:

The frequency of personality disorders in patients with gender identity disorder:

Gender Identity Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence Currently Debated Concepts and Treatment Strategies:

The Vast Majority of Male-Born Transwomen Still Have a Penis:

Men And Women’s Differences Aren’t Actually Distinct, Confirms Study:

International Women’s Day 2014: What’s the difference between men and women’s brains? Very little, says neuroscientist:

Please Donate Now to Women’s Liberation Front to help keep women/girls as a protected class under law.

Please Donate Now to Women’s Liberation Front to help keep women/girls as a protected class under the law; ensuring their right to safety away from predators, violence, sexual abuse, and harassment that comes about from transgender policy loopholes that makes it lawful for born males to access any female facility only on the basis of a self-declared gender identity, at a time when peeping incidents with electronic recording devices are high. Schools are being threatened with federal defunding if they do not comply with vague, unscientific transgender policy rules. Female students are now being told they have no right to complain about feeling uncomfortable. These new bills aren’t about harm reduction, nor are they necessary reforms of TitleIX; it is the destruction of it’s intended purpose; making sexual abuse acceptable under law.

Transgender student sexually harasses girls in Minnesotan school locker room.

Lots of you have probably heard of the lawsuit regarding the male-to-trans teen who was twerking in the girls’ locker room and making girls uncomfortable. From the Daily Signal: “A group of students and parents from Minnesota filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the federal government and their school district for allowing a transgender student who […]

via Abusing teenage girls is “progressive” now — Purple Sage

Regressive Ideas Dressed Up as Progressive: The New Left.

With women’s liberation, civil rights, and homosexual rights, historically oppressed and subjugated minorities have gained more ground in society. Though, in response, there has been a giant cultural backlash, with structural oppression manifesting in numerous forms as a result. One way this is done, and often overlooked, is through the appropriation or co-opting of progressive ideas that help continue to serve capitalist, patriarchal ideals, instead of dismantling them. Another is through our collective unconscious, learned, and internalized prejudices carried along through the technological advances of the time. Often, the problem lies in the ignorance, arrogance, and lack of solidarity with marginalized groups’ issues from more privileged members of society, who don’t face the same issues and experiences, so find it hard to relate. This keeps a tradition of white, male, and upper-class supremacy in place in our culture, despite the tireless efforts of the oppressed to change the system.

This is a long list of some examples of what should be outdated, conservative, or anti-feminist forms of thought, that seeped into the politics of the progressive movement:

  1. Domination and submission are a natural part of human sexuality and romance.
  2. Domination, submission, & violence are a natural/inevitable part of male & female relations.
  3. Getting off to the fantasy of having power over women isn’t misogynistic; it can be feminist.
  4. Dehumanizing portrayals of women in pornography doesn’t reinforce, nor encourage violence against women.
  5. Hardcore pornography is just meeting market demand.
  6. Criminalizing/banning violent and abusive depictions in pornography is censorship and against freedom of speech/expression.
  7. Criminalizing/banning child pornography or sexualized depictions of children is oppressive because it’s a violation of freedom of speech/expression.
  8. Female porn actresses are never raped in the making of pornography.
  9. Women are never coerced into sex acts in the making of pornography.
  10. Women featured in pornography are never harmed in it because it is a choice.
  11. Pornography doesn’t cause harm to women and girls in society.
  12. Pornography doesn’t condition boys’ thoughts on girls/women, and sexuality.
  13. Pornography is a good educational tool for sex; it doesn’t teach rape myths.
  14. Pornography is about sexual liberation and has no connection to systemic oppression.
  15. The porn industry is completely safe and consensual.
  16. There are no corrupt porn companies.
  17. Pornography is feminist and a healthy reflection of sexuality.
  18. If there were no prostitution or pornography, men wouldn’t be able to control their sex drives around women.
  19. Male violence against women in pornography shouldn’t be stopped because it is needed to prevent men from perpetrating crimes against women.
  20. Violence and misogyny depicted in pornography are just fantasy.
  21. By fetishizing misogyny, sexism, racism, ableism, sexual abuse/slavery as just play; it overcomes these issues in reality.
  22. Using historical or current oppressions as pornographic scene themes is simple, fun, entertainment.
  23. It’s a form of bigotry for historically oppressed groups to be offended by people imitating their oppression in pornography or as a sexual fetish.
  24. It’s more socially acceptable to make oppression into an erotic art in society than it is to fight against it.
  25. Parody or satire negates sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, ableism, etc.
  26. Oppressed groups who are offended by sexist, racist, homophobic & ableist, etc. jokes are humorless.
  27. Oppression and abuse are funny.
  28. Feminist women against the sex trade are just prudish about sex.
  29. It’s oppressive to women to be against the sexual objectification of women.
  30. Women who refuse to recreate porn acts with their partners are frigid prudes.
  31. Girlfriends and wives should accept their boyfriend or husband’s porn use or else they’re prudes and not open about sexuality.
  32. Women who are against media that depicts the degradation or hyper-sexualization of women are moralist prudes.
  33. Violence & pain during sex creates a greater bond between two lovers because it evolved naturally with sexual intercourse.
  34. The male desire for dominance isn’t something that can be controlled.
  35. Women secretly desire for men to be dominant and violent toward them.
  36. Dominant & submissive roles, along with some violence, are necessary for relationships to function.
  37. Punishing your partner and spanking them to relieve frustrations is healthy and acceptable if it’s done as a sexual fetish.
  38. Relationships that practice consensual violence, domination, and submission are superior to other relationships.
  39. There is more consent in BDSM relationships and sexual encounters.
  40. Creating a safe word other than ‘no’ doesn’t minimize the meaning of the word.
  41. Creating safewords other than the words ‘no’ or ‘stop’ is more consensual.
  42. Sexual dominance is masculine, and submissiveness is feminine.
  43. Equality and mutual respect during sex are too plain and boring.
  44. Sex is about getting instant gratification.
  45. Trauma can be healed through further humiliation & pain in power exchange relationships.
  46. Trauma bonding is part of gaining full trust, forgiveness, and agreement in a relationship.
  47. If a woman agrees to subordinate herself to a man, then it is empowering to her as a woman.
  48. One should embrace sexual feelings that might arise from their own past, or current, traumatic sexual abuse.
  49. Getting a sense of fulfillment from the desire to dominate and control others is a normal sexual desire that has nothing to do with abuse.
  50. Pornography hasn’t been used as patriarchal manuals by men.
  51. Pornography has no relation to prostitution.
  52. Pornography used to coerce or groom people into degrading sex acts or prostitution isn’t a big societal issue.
  53. Pornography has no big influence on culture or on people’s behavior and attitude toward women and girls.
  54. The women featured in porn choose it, so porn doesn’t perpetuate sexual objectification and degradation.
  55. The porn industry doesn’t promote pedophilia, child molestation, and child pornography by sexualizing teens and young women as virginal girls.
  56. There is no science to prove pornography influences people’s attitudes or behavior.
  57. There’s absolutely no science to back up the claim that pornography has an effect on men committing sex crimes.
  58. Pornography doesn’t reinforce or promote misogyny.
  59. Violent & degrading, sex and pornography are liberating & empowering for women.
  60. A woman can still be a feminist by participating in & promoting misogynistic, and dehumanizing depictions in pornography.
  61. It’s sex-negative and bigoted to be opposed to male pornographic fantasies of degrading, raping, torturing, or molesting women/girls, because it’s just fantasy.
  62. Women being roughed/beat up by a man who penetrates them for pornography is just a job.
  63. Being at risk for sexually transmitted diseases without required protection is just a part of the job.
  64. Calling women whores, sluts, bitches, cum dumpsters, etc. is sexy and okay in porn.
  65. Sex can be reduced to a transaction; not a mutually equal bond between people.
  66. Sex trafficking and sexual exploitation are not inevitable consequences of a growing globalized sex industry; they’re an inevitable result of the criminalization of the sex industry.
  67. The criminalization of prostitution is just like drug criminalization, leading to the exact same results.
  68. The sex trade commodifying female bodies doesn’t lead to sex trafficking.
  69. The sex industry has no relation or close relationship to organized crime.
  70. Prostitution isn’t the result of poverty and patriarchy.
  71. Men in power paying for sex with women on the side isn’t sexist; it’s receiving a service.
  72. Women are sexual objects to be used, bought, and sold for men’s amusement and sexual entitlement.
  73. Men’s sexual right to purchase women for sex is a part of women’s sexual liberation.
  74. Having sexual access to women is a need that must be provided for men.
  75. Paying for sex or access to another person’s body is a human right.
  76. Paying for sex or the bodies of prostitutes is always fully consensual.
  77. Money equals consent in prostitution.
  78. Privileged men with money isn’t a power dynamic in prostitution.
  79. Men paying to access women’s bodies isn’t about having power over women; women have the power of sexuality over men.
  80. Women selling their bodies to be penetrated by men is empowering and gives women more power in society.
  81. Equality means ignoring power relations between different groups of people.
  82. Feminists have no business critically analyzing or questioning women’s life decisions, even if they were made within a patriarchal cultural context.
  83. Coercion is a choice that women have some personal responsibility in.
  84. Women being influenced by beauty standards in the media is empowering and of assistance to them.
  85. Unreasonable beauty standards in the media shouldn’t be prevented, as it’s just a reflection of our human desire to idealize certain features.
  86. The beauty/modelling industry doesn’t significantly contribute to the sexual objectification or harm of women and girls.
  87. Women are meant to be of sexual service to men, and men are meant to be sexually served by women in society.
  88. It’s women and girls’ right to sell their sexuality to men in a capitalist, patriarchy, in order to make a living.
  89. Some women are more useful for the sexual use of their bodies, they shouldn’t be encouraged to strive to contribute any more than that in society.
  90. Women had agency in prostitution throughout history, even though there were highly patriarchal societies back then.
  91. Modern-day prostitution used to be considered a sacred part of the spiritual worship of womanhood in the ancient past.
  92. Soliciting people on the street for sex is just a business method used to get more customers & employees; never a form of sexual harassment.
  93. If a man cheats on his significant other to fulfill his desire for certain sex acts with younger, prostituted women; it should never be condemned, because you’d be condemning a man’s natural sexuality.
  94. Men believing they have a right to access female bodies that fit patriarchal beauty standards & what they see in porn, to do what they want with sexually, has nothing to do with male domination.
  95. Men’s right to buy access to women’s bodies must never be challenged, because you’d be condemning a man’s natural sexuality.
  96. Monogamy is a forced, oppressive, social institution; polygamy is natural so isn’t.
  97. Men believing they should be able to have multiple sexual/romantic relationships with women at one time because it’s their natural sexuality has nothing to do with patriarchal male entitlement/power.
  98. Pointing out the sexual objectification of women in the sex trade in a capitalist, patriarchy is whorephobic and leads to their deaths.
  99. Sexual objectification is empowering for women.
  100. Sexual objectification is a women’s right.
  101. Sexual objectification is natural to our sexuality.
  102. Women are meant to be sexually objectified.
  103. If women choose to sexually objectify themselves, then it’s empowering.
  104. Age of consent laws discriminates against both men and girl’s natural sexuality.
  105. Age of consent laws are oppressive and harmful to girls because it prevents them from having bodily autonomy.
  106. Pedophilia is a sexual orientation.
  107. Pedophilia should never be condemned as a sickness because you’d be discriminating against the pedophiles who haven’t molested kids.
  108. Pedophiles are more oppressed than homosexuals.
  109. Pedophiles are an oppressed group that faces unfair discrimination.
  110. Sex offenders are an oppressed group that faces unfair discrimination.
  111. Creep Shaming is discrimination against male sexuality.
  112. Animals can consent to sex with humans.
  113. If a man says he is a woman, females should be totally accepting and unquestioning of it, or else be labeled as a bigoted, paranoid conspiracy theorist.
  114. If a man says he is a feminist or working for the benefit of women; feminist women should be totally accepting/unquestioning of it, or else be labeled a bigoted, paranoid conspiracy theorist.
  115. Men who desire to go into a women’s spaces can never have any ill intentions, to think so is to be a bigoted, paranoid conspiracy theorist.
  116. Men aren’t desperate to find ways to perv on women or girls in private facilities.
  117. Peeping toms and recordings aren’t a big privacy/safety concern for women/girls.
  118. Women who fear sexual assault/harassment from men are paranoid & irrational.
  119. Female sexual assault victims who fear sex crimes from men accessing female private facilities are paranoid/irrational, & shouldn’t be listened to.
  120. Women who believe there are perverted men out there who wish to spy on women in private facilities are paranoid and irrational.
  121. Concerns around letting males in female spaces on the basis of self-declared gender identity are hysteria and have no basis in reality.
  122. There are no dangerous consequences to making changing/shower/bathrooms gender-neutral or allowing access to the rooms of the opposite sex only on the basis of self-declared gender identity.
  123. There have never been any attacks on women and girls from males identifying as women/girls in private facilities and to say so is transphobic.
  124. A man can totally understand & relate to what a woman’s lived experience is like living in a patriarchal society.
  125. If your feminism centers on women’s issues and doesn’t prioritize men’s feelings or issues, then it is extremist.
  126. If your feminism doesn’t accommodate men’s hurt feelings then you’re an extremist misandrist.
  127. Men are oppressed by misandry.
  128. Men are oppressed by patriarchy.
  129. If a woman says a man isn’t feminist because he’s causing harm to other women, she is an extremist misandrist.
  130. If a woman says men can’t be feminists because they are part of the oppressor sex class, she is a misandrist.
  131. Women born female gathering/organizing together is oppressive & should never be allowed.
  132. Women only spaces hurt and silence men.
  133. Women are not entitled to female-only protected spaces.
  134. There is something wrong with lesbians who refuse penis in their sex lives, they need to be corrected.
  135. Lesbians who refuse penis are transphobic.
  136. Lesbian women who refuse penis in their sex lives need to try it out or they’re bigoted.
  137. Women who have sexual feelings for the female sex, and don’t conform to gender standards, have male brains.
  138. Feminist women who center women, and only have relationships with other women, are vagina fetishists.
  139. Heterosexual males can be lesbians and know what having a lesbian sexuality is like.
  140. If transwomen activists threaten or act aggressively toward women it’s acceptable & justifiable, but when women do it to men it’s wrong.
  141. There is no reverse racism, but reverse sexism is called: Radical Feminism.
  142. TERF is not a slur, they’re a subgroup of women that deserve hatred, misogyny, death and rape threats.
  143. Women who acknowledge that women are oppressed on the basis of their sex are reducing women to vaginas.
  144. Women are privileged over men.
  145. Gender doesn’t oppress women, they’re privileged by it.
  146. Women are privileged by their subordinate gender status.
  147. Gender gives women and girls easier lives than men.
  148. Girls do not experience a significant difference in gender socialization as boys do.
  149. There is no significant gender socialization in culture, it’s biologically destined.
  150. There is no distinction between male and female lived realities.
  151. Females do not experience the same material realities based on their sex.
  152. Females as a sex class are not oppressed on the basis of their biological sex.
  153. Female biology is whatever a man says it is.
  154. Woman is whatever a man defines it as.
  155. Being a woman in this world is like whatever a man feels like it is.
  156. Being a woman is just a feeling.
  157. Woman is anything a man associates with femininity.
  158. Woman is a stereotypical gender expression; heels, dress, make up, & femininity.
  159. Societal gender norms are just as, if not more, oppressive to men than they are for women.
  160. If a male gravitates toward female gender stereotypes, then he is actually a woman, because no real man would ever do those things.
  161. Femininity is an empowering choice for women.
  162. Women who reject femininity are femmephobic.
  163. There’s something innate about feminine and masculine gender.
  164. Gender identity is innate and fixed.
  165. Gender must be affirmed in society, not abolished.
  166. Ending sexism means biological sex isn’t real.
  167. Men should be leading & dominating the feminist discourse in a women’s movement.
  168. If your feminism doesn’t please men or isn’t approved by men, then it’s bad and harmful.
  169. Men patronizing, policing, publicly humiliating, & silencing marginalized women is okay as long as you demonize them for their feminist sociopolitical views first.
  170. Men were the great heroes and go-getters of the past, who achieved great things; not the oppressors of women.
  171. Women weren’t that much more oppressed than men were in the past.
  172. Women’s oppression is equal to men’s.
  173. Women must treat their oppression as equal to men’s in their struggle to end their oppression.
  174. Equality with men should be the main goal of feminism to end oppression.
  175. Joining forces with men in a revolution is the only way women will end their oppression.
  176. Men can’t be blamed for their actions, culture is.
  177. Poor, disadvantaged, men were only victims who never dominated women in the past.
  178. Men do not have more power over women in society.
  179. Male violence isn’t the biggest problem in the world.
  180. Intersectionality means not focusing on male violence against women.
  181. Intersectionality means putting women’s issues behind other issues.
  182. Intersectionality means women have just as much power as white, heterosexual, men do in society.
  183. Intersectionality means women are not a political group with their own needs.
  184. Intersectionality means centering women in feminism is bigoted.
  185. Intersectionality is about putting more importance on solidarity with other oppressed groups than on women having solidarity with each other.
  186. White supremacy has no link to male supremacy.
  187. Racial minorities need to cooperate with the establishment to end systemic racism.
  188. The large sex trade in indigenous or racial minority women and girls has no link to white supremacist colonialism.
  189. Heteronormativity is feminist; it’s equality between men and women.
  190. Going along to get along with your oppressor is about equality, not submissiveness.
  191. Giving up independence to live with a man is an empowering choice for women.
  192. Women choosing submissive roles is feminist.
  193. Marriage isn’t a patriarchal institution, it’s about equality.
  194. Women who have been most affected by patriarchy in their lives don’t have more of a say about their oppression than men do.
  195. Women are not an oppressed sex class, whose goal should be that of collective liberation, it should be about individual empowerment.
  196. Ignoring male privilege & the lived experiences of oppressed women is treating them equally to men.
  197. If women want to be treated equally, then there is no reason to respect them as women.
  198. A man believing himself to be intellectually superior to women in politics and saying a woman hast nothing intelligent to say, is legitimate criticism and has nothing to do with sexism.
  199. Labeling women, crazy, isn’t sexist if you think they’re being illogical, and there are no historical sexist implications to that.
  200. Feminist words and ideas are more violent than actual violence.
  201. Radical feminism causes male violence and crimes against women, not the men who perpetrate them.
  202. Women perpetuate patriarchal violence.
  203. Women can be blamed for male violence.
  204. Materialism, consumerism, neoliberalism, and poverty aren’t the inevitable results of capitalism.
  205. A free market under capitalism creates freedom for all.
  206. Personal choice is of the utmost importance.
  207. Everything in our lives is the result of our own choices.
  208. If someone volunteers to do something, then it’s not exploitative or harmful.
  209. Wage labor, economic exploitation, and striving to become a part of the capitalist class are feminist goals.
  210. Women and racial minorities will become free through wage labor.
  211. Members of historically oppressed groups supporting & gaining levels in a capitalist system ends oppression.
  212. Equality and liberation can only be achieved through the top down.
  213. The West using military force in third-world countries are saving women and girls.
  214. Pointing out how the inferior status & control of women is enforced and maintained through religion is offensive, extremist, and anti-feminist.
  215. Conservatism in religion isn’t extremist, anti-theism is.
  216. Feminist women who are against religion just need to learn more about religion from religious groups/people.
  217. We must respect religious cultural traditions/values.
  218. We should always look at other cultural practices from a cultural/moral relativist perspective, not in the context of oppression.
  219. Female Genital Mutilation should be a respected cultural practice; it’s racist and colonialist to oppose it.
  220. An outright ban of Female Genital Mutilation is a form of cultural prejudice.
  221. Labiaplasty is a choice free from coerced patriarchal beauty expectations and has no relation to Female Genital Mutilation.
  222. Groupthink, and using a position of power to intimidate, and bully those you disagree with, are effective strategies that show your position is the correct one.
  223. As long as you aren’t sending rape and death threats it is okay to persecute some feminists for their beliefs.
  224. Working toward a truly equal and free society is overly idealistic and Utopian; only reformism in an oppressive system is the solution.
  225. Wanting a society or belief system that isn’t built around a superior/inferior hierarchical structure is extremist.
  226. Oppressed groups can reclaim the slurs used against them, even if they weren’t created by them in the first place.
  227. Men achieved and earned their privilege in society; women just need to compete more.
  228. Even if born males who claim to be transgender have a past of murdering, abusing, or raping females, they should still be respected as women, be allowed to change their identity, and be granted access to women’s safe spaces.
  229. Men saying they feel female, even if only sometimes, is enough for them to be considered women, and allowed in women’s safe and private spaces.
  230. If a man says he is a woman, gender fluid, or non-binary, that puts him in a group that is more oppressed than both women and racial minorities.
  231. White, heterosexual men who’ve experienced gender dysphoria are in a more oppressed group than women and racial minorities.
  232. Heterosexual males are a part of LGBT+.
  233. Heterosexual males are victims of homophobia.
  234. Males are victims of misogyny.
  235. Men who’ve experienced gender dysphoria suffer more than oppressed women.
  236. Patriarchal oppression, internalized misogyny, body image issues, enforced gender norms, or lesbian/bisexual interests are not causes for gender dysphoria in girls.
  237. Gender dysphoria means transgender; a gendered culture or other mental health issues shouldn’t be considered as contributing factors.
  238. Even if gender dysphoria is a delusion, it should be treated as if it’s real.
  239. Gender dysphoria in people can only be treated by encouraging the belief that they’re born in the wrong body, must go straight to transitioning, & undergo a sex change operation.
  240. Gender non-conforming children are transgender.
  241. Sterilizing and experimenting with hormone blockers on prepubescent children, who are told they’re born in the wrong body, is healthy.
  242. There are no moral issues with operating on children for a sex change, when many don’t realize they are homosexual until later on in life.
  243. Children that don’t fit into gender stereotypes associated with their sex, and like stereotypical things associated with the opposite sex, should be assumed to be internally the opposite gender.
  244. Claiming transgender status is not a way people are dealing with internalized homophobia in a heteronormative society with strict gender roles.
  245. Gender dysphoria isn’t a symptom of a gendered society showing gender is wrong; it shows gender is real and innate.
  246. Medical transition is healthy, not harmful.
  247. Pharmaceutical companies aren’t pathologizing gender non-conformity for profit.
  248. Sex-segregated spaces are exactly the same as the racist segregation of the past.
  249. Forcing schools to grant male teens access to the girls’ locker rooms if they say they’re transgender isn’t a violation of Title IX & complicit in sexual abuse.
  250. Gender-neutral bathrooms and changing rooms are about gender equality.
  251. Transwomen need safety from male violence, not females.
  252. Homosexual interests/behavior may be a sign of sexual inversion.
  253. The fetishization of violence against women must be respected as a sexual orientation, but not lesbianism; women loving the female sex.
  254. Women who recognize biology and sexual dimorphism are obsessed with genitalia.
  255. Women who want to protect female-only safe spaces from predatory men are bigoted.
  256. Women who don’t want violent males in their spaces believe women can’t be violent.
  257. Female violence is as much of a problem as male violence.
  258. Men being able to hit women is about gender equality.
  259. Men are not biologically, physically stronger than women.
  260. Male penetrative rape isn’t more physically harmful or any different from a woman sexually assaulting another woman.
  261. Male penetrative rape isn’t about patriarchal power.
  262. There is nothing potentially more harmful and dangerous about Penis in Vagina for females; to say so is to be discriminatory toward male sexuality.
  263. To say Penis in Vagina is a patriarchal sexual expectation women are forced into, is anti-male sexuality.
  264. Women who feel victimized and violated by revenge porn are ashamed of their bodies.
  265. Sharing nude photos without a woman’s consent wouldn’t be a problem if more women felt comfortable being naked around men.
  266. Real radical feminists adhere to male demands of what feminism should be like.
  267. It’s men’s job in feminism to weed out the women who say things they don’t like.
  268. Radical feminist women must be inclusive of men calling themselves women, even if they terrorize, stalk, and threaten them with anti-feminist tactics.
  269. Brain sex theory is science that proves gender exists.
  270. Transwomen are female.
  271. Saying men can’t be women is hate speech.
  272. Transracial is cultural appropriation, but transgender is legitimate.
  273. Feminists who reject gender are sexists who promote the gender binary.
  274. Feminists who believe gender is a social construct are promoting genocide.
  275. Using the wrong pronouns on a trans person is equivalent to systematic violence.
  276. Feminists who resent men are just broken, abused individuals, who have a warped view on life, and blame men for all their problems.
  277. Feminists who believe the sex industry and gender are harmful are responsible for male violence.
  278. The sex trafficking of girls and women to fulfill male sexual demands isn’t a big deal.
  279. Underage girls can choose to go into sex work.
  280. Men paying to have sex with underage girls isn’t sexual abuse; it’s receiving a service.
  281. Even if a woman started prostitution while underage, it’s still work, not sexual exploitation.
  282. Women’s bodies being violated, penetrated by penises, while having the highest risk for STDs, violence, rape, and death from men; isn’t different from any other job.
  283. Sex work should always be a voluntary option provided for women to get out of poverty.
  284. The problems in prostitution all stem from the stigmatization of selling sex, not from male power/entitlement/violence and the sexual objectification of females.
  285. The personal accounts of ex-prostituted women, who’ve joined prostitution abolition movements, shouldn’t be trusted, because they’re traumatized.
  286. Exited or current prostituted women who speak out against the sex industry are ideologues and liars.
  287. Exited or current prostituted women who see the sex industry as harmful, because of traumatic experiences, deserve hate and abuse.
  288. Ex-prostituted women working to abolish the sex trade in women/girls should be silenced for their oppressive views against prostituted women/girls.
  289. Ex-prostituted women who join abolition movements just had a negative experience, it shouldn’t reflect badly on the sex industry.
  290. Women who experience trauma from being prostituted are just not cut out for the job.
  291. Only those who like being prostituted should be listened to, the rest are lying for an anti-sex, man-hating, and radical feminist agenda.
  292. The sex industry has no relation to structural oppression whatsoever, it’s just sex.
  293. The West using wombs for rent from impoverished, women of color in the third world, for surrogates has no relation to exploitation, it’s all about choice.
  294. Poor women renting out their wombs to a wealthier couple has no relation to women’s economic oppression & exploitation of reproductive labor; it’s a consensual agreement.
  295. Women and racial minorities are the oppressors of themselves and of gender non-conforming men.
  296. Radical feminist women are oppressing women.
  297. Second wave feminists are outdated, bigoted, and shouldn’t be listened to.
  298. Older feminists aren’t as feminist as the new generation of third-wave feminism.
  299. Feminists who believe that feminism requires full devotion from women for it to be successful in liberating them are bad.
  300. Showing a commitment to radical feminist goals/concepts is ideological purity.
  301. It’s excusable to threaten, harass, track, stalk, and dox feminist women online if they don’t seem ‘progressive’ enough.
  302. Polygamy is a good arrangement because it keeps men sexually satisfied and women from turning to prostitution.
  303. There’s no such thing as sexism among gay men because they have been oppressed as much as women.
  304. Women of color should keep quiet about their abusive relationships because it makes men of color “look bad”.
  305. All-girl schools are bad for girls because by keeping them away from boys it doesn’t prepare them for “the real world”.
  306. You can’t choose two or more racial identities but you can identify as male and female.
  307. Women who critically examine the sex industry and sexuality are oppressive and comparable to Nazis.
  308. Women who say they’re oppressed because they’re biologically female are oppressive and comparable to Nazis.
  309. Women must be stopped from gathering in public spheres to discuss how their rights are being impacted by changes to definitions in policies and law.
  310. It is acceptable to threaten violence or be violent toward women labeled transphobic or TERF because their ideology is comparable to Nazis.
  311. Transwomen deserve sympathy no matter who they harm.
  312. Women/girls assaulted and harassed in safe spaces/refuges/prisons by men/boys identifying as women/girls, are just collateral damage in the effort to accommodate trans people.
  313. Young girls aren’t allowed to say they’re uncomfortable with male bodies around them in their private/safe spaces or establish boundaries with men/boys who identify as women/girls.
  314. Misgendering someone is a hate crime but not misogyny.
  315. It is okay to use authority to force people to accept others’ personal identity.
  316. Exit services for women/girls in the sex industry aren’t needed, more legal brothels are needed.

The solution here requires a lot of effort from the progressive movement to start critically examining the positions they are pushing and advocating for to see whether they are actually free from the strong influences of systemic oppression, or being influenced by, and helping to continue the institutions that perpetuate the subjugation of others. Then, to go onto working to dismantle these institutions.

You are welcome to leave any more examples that you can think of in the comments below… and I will keep adding to this list.